Past simple and past continuous quiz pdf download

We were playing volleyball with mary when you called me. Fill in the blanks with a correct form, the past simple or the past continuous. As i was walking in the streets of holland, i met an old friend of mine. Past simple and past continuous inspiration macmillan. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

So, if you are a student studying for your class test or an english learner, take this quiz to ensure if you have understood enough or need more practice. Exercise choose the right tense past simple or present perfect. Past simple and past continuous pdf exercises with answers. Quiz past simple or past continuous tense exercise. Simple past and past continuous exercises esl worksheet. We are here with just another english grammar quiz. This ebook is produced and distributed by red river press inc. Finally, click here to download this exercise in pdf with answers. When the teacher came in, they were studying english. Past simple and past continuous interactive worksheet. October 4, 2017 fill in the blanks with an appropriate past tense form.

Past simple or past continuous worksheet 1 answers. Past simple and past continuous cambridge university press. Simple past vs past continuous exercise grammarbank. Complete the sentences in the past perfect progressive. She wasnt knowing didnt know that i was watching watched her while she was singing. When we talk about two past events, the past continuous is normally used to. Past simple present perfect simple continuous past simple and present perfect. Choose simple past or past continuous tense to complete the sentences.

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