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Nov 14, 2010 the book listed is written bt bill travato, a real olds racer engine builder, also look for olds in action, full ot tips for the top racers back in the 7080s such as dave smith, fj smith, dick fortmen etc. Feel free to ask any questions, email is checked monday through friday, regular. Depending on level of rebuild, engine coatings used on many components 2 of 3. In the case of the olds 403, many guys have found using olds 350 heads wthe larger 2. Engine rebuilding guide for pontiac trans am and firebird. The mission was to find a machine shop to rebuild our 1928 model a engine. For the 2004 season, i built a new 403 cubic inch, nascar small block oldsmobile engine, and set the car up to race in the national street car associations nsca limited street class. The trans is going into a 1917 roadster pick up behind a 324 olds engine from 1954no olds cars were hurt in this. Oldsmobile performance engines custom crate engines. Nicks client brought in a 1970 oldsmobile rallye 350 and asked for a rebuild on the gold v8 under the. Oldsmobile engine packages and pricing eddies performance. Oldsmobile cutlass cutlass supreme 1972, engine full gasket set without intake manifold gasket by felpro. The following is eddies performance oldsmobile engine packages and pricing.

Classic industries offers a wide selection of 1957 oldsmobile 88 parts, including 1957 oldsmobile 88 interior parts and soft trim, 1957 oldsmobile 88 exterior sheet metal, 1957 oldsmobile 88 moldings, 1957 oldsmobile 88 emblems, 1957 oldsmobile 88 weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation. Olds rallye 350 rocket rebuild part 2 maximum power youtube. Find practical methods on how to blueprint an engine, or. The traditional oldsmobile v8 powered some of the most memorable cars of the muscle car era, from the 442s of the 60s and early 70s to the transams of the late 70s. They do make oil restrictors to keep the oil on the crank when revving higher. Olds 330 engine rebuild kit 19641967 supercars unlimited. Oldsmobile 307 was produced from 19801990 and the 350 was produced from 1968 thru 1980.

The shops i didnt choose either didnt have the capability to do the work or cut corners on the work to be done. Get the best deals on engine rebuilding kits for oldsmobile cutlass when you. How to upcycle a cheap, old bookcase into a new, designworthy. Mar 9, 2015 laminate bookshelves are an enticing buy when you consider the price point. We dont just build engines but also repair and replace parts. Remanufactured rocket oldsmobile engines from remanufactured. The chevy 307 from the late 60s to early 70s is a real small block chevy engine and not to be confused with the 307 olds from the 80s, which is a real oldsmobile engine and common to other small block olds motors 260307330350403. This includes grinding the camshaft, resurfacing the bottom of the block, resurfacing the main caps, line boring, and machining the rods crank pin and wrist pin. Nov 07, 2015 rebuilding an oldsmobile engine versus rebuilding a pontiac engine is not really that different as far as a machine shop is concerned. I have my olds engine being completely overhauled by a local engine specialty shop, and during the examination of the disassembled engine, they have found a crack in one of the cylinder heads casting number 563974. The bible of building the 455 olds socal jet boats, llc. What we found was between 05psi of oil pressure at idle, well below the 25psi minimum recommendation by oldsmobile or most engine builders. Built car engines before, but im sure there is a difference for. Tune your engine, troubleshoot for normal wear and tear, perform an engine swap or add some horsepower to that bad boy.

The big and small block engine types are almost identical, with the big block having a higher deck than the small block. This journey began at age 16 when i rebuilt my first 455 olds engine for a 70 cutlass s. We carry domestic engines as well as japanese and european imported engines. Oldsmobile performance and racing engines are the most popular motors that go through our machine shop. Also i would like to find a good set of heads for this engine to rebuild it. Also, on the show the horsepower guys show you how to tune your truck hauler for better performance and fuel economy. Outline introduction advantages of rebuilding usual rebuilding. Rebuilding or replacing an engine can seem like a daunting task without the proper resources.

Wiring a trail truck, rebuilding an alternator or making that perfect wire connection is all within reach with these tips from the electrical category. Federal mogul 2056310m000 federal mogul engine rering kits compare engine rering, moly, 4. The decision was made to remove the engine and trans for a rebuild as it was suspected that the motor had never been rebuilt and there was no real history on service work on the car in general including the trans. We have the largest variety of instock remanufactured engines in texas. Upgrade your ride from bias to radial tires and learn how to build your own beadlock rim for your 4x4. Performance master engine rebuild kit for 6474 olds 455 7. Engine get your hands dirty with these engine tech tips for testing a junkyard motor, gapping and staggering your piston rings, or getting a lesson on pro stock engine tech with the engine category. The olds is a great way to produce lots of big block power and torque for modest money. Rebuild kits are available from most performance retailers, including jegs or summit racing.

How to build max performance introduced in 1949, the oldsmobile v8 engine remains a beloved reminder of the muscle car era. Oldsmobile cylinder heads are unlike chevy and ford and take special care and tools to perform a good lasting valve job. Eddies builds many oldsmobile motors a year with many different performance configurations that depends on the car and customer wants and needs. Jegs th400 performance transmission for buick, oldsmobile. Maybe youre not ready to take on the task of engine building yourself. Depending on level of rebuild, engine coatings used on many components 2 of 3 monday, april 26, 2010. Oldsmobile engine rebuild kits free shipping on orders over. Any suggestions on cam, pistons for this engine in a 76 19 wberkley jet.

The v8 maintained a consistent peak with the likes of the 442s in the 60s right through the 70s and 80s with classics like the cutlass, delta 88 and toronado before production ended in the 90s. Engine rebuilding kits for oldsmobile cutlass for sale ebay. This time horsepower rescues a discarded olds 350 for a budget build. Ive seen more than one big olds with a 425 leave a set of tires in a pile of rubber dust. Many of these fast oldsmobile engines find homes in cars like the cutlass, 88, 98, or the 442. Anyone considering an oldsmobile v8 to power their ride will save time, money, and headaches by following the clear and honest advice offered in oldsmobile v8 engines. We can outfit your engine with the exclusive march performance serpentine belt system. Not a olds fan but i fell into one and than i fell into everything to rebuild one for less than 800ish with the oiling mods a decent cam forged pistons and a couple other hp parts. Our olds 330 engine rebuild kits feature premium quality components only. This remanufactured engine site has engine swaps, performance engine upgrades and general information at links below. The motor bookstore carries a wide selection of engine building books designed to guide you through the process with detailed procedures and clear photographs ideal for any diy home mechanic.

You can still place your order online, however we wont be able to process them until we return. A model engine packages we offer parts and machine work to install insert bearings. Introduced in 1949, the oldsmobile v8 engine remains a beloved reminder of the muscle car era. In that class, i was successful at setting the class record at 7. This engine was placed in a wide variety of oldsmobiles vehicles for a period of nine years. The two are totally different in bore, stroke, bore spacing, block casting, head casting, etc. For more olds engine build info, there have been several lengthy threads on the hotrodders forum covering olds engine builds.

A bb chevy can be made to go faster but, of course, costs more to buy and build. Thats what it cost me to take my buddys th350 in 2 years ago. If your just crusiing dont worry about no special heads, they all work and we had put even the junk j head in low 12s in a 49 olds. The olds 350 is a seriously amazing motor, possibly even better than the olds 455. Imo i cant stress enough how good trovatos book is, uhes noted for his race car work having the fastest olds in the world but the book covers lots of practical info, i think everyone who wants to build an olds that lasts should read it. Plenty of fullcolor photos and stepbystep engine builds showcase exactly how these engines should be built to deliver the most power per dollar. In other words they didnt have the right combination for the optimum hp and torque where as the same components for the other engines worked better for their design. The bore centers are the same, since the only differences between the smallblock and bigblock olds blocks are the deck height 9. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that. Build bookcases for added storage or make an old bookshelf new again. Author bill trovato is recognized for being one of the most aggressive and successful oldsmobile engine experts, and he openly shares all of his proven tricks, tips, and techniques in how to build max performance oldsmobile v8s. Needless to say, that shop will get all of my business and anyone i can refer. Technical transmission adapter for 324 olds engine the.

There are many different olds engines, most notably the v8 small block versions like 307 and 350 cubic inch and the big block v8 oldmobile motors such as the 400, 425 and 455 ci. With a frugal selection of performance upgrades, the goal is to double the original factory horsepower output. There are no real differences whether you are rebuilding a ram air iii, iv, sd 455, or base 400 engine. Anyone considering use of an oldsmobile v8 to power their ride will save time, money, and headaches by following the clear and honest advice offered in how to build max performance oldsmobile v8s. The olds 455 is a good choice, although it is a bit of a compromise. This engine combination can be custom designed to your specific needs. As ive never believed in following the masses, i tend to do things a little outside the box and in this book ill explain why i do some of the things that i do and hopefully step you up a notch in the oldsmobile performance world. The 455 is a member of oldsmobiles v8 engine class. Engine rebuild kit fits 9194 buick chevrolet 6000 beretta 3. His many years of successful experience racing and winning with the olds v8 in headsup, streetlegal cars proves. Where could i find a good set of high performance stock heads or possibly a set of used aluminum heads and intake. Feb 14, 2005 olds was on the bottom of the list on the horse power mainly because the engine design is condusive to a dual plane manifold verses a single plane they had used in the test. Clear photographs and detailed, stepbystep procedures make it easy to figure out how to rebuild an engine block for your particular make and model.

If you need durable gaskets to prevent leaks on your vehicle, felpro is the way to go. Aug 15, 2015 anyone considering an oldsmobile v8 to power their ride will save time, money, and headaches by following the clear and honest advice offered in oldsmobile v8 engines. Specializing in o l d m o t o r c y c l e s o r pa r t s engine rebuild kits and thousands of other wanted, any condition, size or make. Oldsmobile 455 425 400 350 330 performance v8 engine rebuild. Thats carryin price, of course, and i think it included a rebuilt torque converter, too.

Engine rebuilding service motors the crosley parts leader. Oldsmobile engine rebuild kits free shipping on orders. We went to pennsylvania,new york and massachusetts to inspect the workmanship,quality and overall shop capacity. We may all lust after the designerdecor shelving units, but often our. Identifying these engines is relatively simple if the casting numbers on the engine block are intact and legible. The oldsmobile 350 is an entirely different engine then the famous chevy 350. Oldsmobile olds 330 350 400 455 engine rebuild kit supercars.

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